KR Jewellers - Our Services

At KR Jewellers we like to help our customers with the following services,

  • Custom handmade jewellery
  • All jewellery repairs including chains, earrings, pendants, brooches and rings etc.
  • Turn old unwanted/used jewellery into something new for yourself. We can use your old metal and turn it into almost any design you desire... the sky's the limit.
  • We also offer sketches and jewellery designs for all our customers.
For your information:
  • We work in most types of metal including, white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, platinum and sterling silver.
  • With all our handmade pieces we ask our customers for a 50% deposit before commencing the start of production.
  • All handmade pieces over the purchase value of $3,000.00 will receive a complimentary Certificate of valuation by an accredited Valuer.
    We are also happy to organise valuations for any existing pieces of jewellery you may have already or have purchased from KR Jewellers of a lesser amount.
  • All handmade pieces over $1,000.00 receive a handcrafted wooden jewellery box (by the Ring Box collection) to complete your piece.

    This unique box is individual and one of a kind, stamped with the KR Jewellers logo you know you will be assured quality.

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